Amazon Connect launches new services, supports 10 million contact center interactions daily

Customers include Priceline, Labcorp, University of Texas and Vodaphone NZ.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon Web Services said it is launching automated outbound communications for contact centers in preview as its Amazon Connect service gains momentum.

The cloud provider said its Amazon Connect now supports more than 10 million contact center interactions daily. Customers include Priceline, Labcorp, University of Texas and Vodaphone NZ.

Amazon Connect is AWS' omnichannel contact center platform that aims to give agents information quickly, authenticate calls and streamline communications.

Here's a look at the latest features being rolled out for Amazon Connect:

  • Amazon Connect is launching high-volume outbound communications in preview. The service covers calls, texts and email notifications with management embedded in Amazon Connect. The high-volume outbound communications service can schedule notifications, specify contacts and lists and throttle outreach based on availability. Machine learning can detect a live customer, voicemail greeting or busy signal.
  • Amazon Connect Wisdom is generally available with tools to give agents access to product and service information. Amazon Connect Wisdom ingests and organizes content, breaks down data silos and has pre-built connectors to Salesforce and ServiceNow. Via Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Amazon Connect Wisdom uses machine learning speech analytics to identify issues and recommend solutions.
  • Amazon Connect VoiceID is generally available with real-time caller authentication using machine learning voice analysis. Amazon Connect VoiceID creates digital voiceprints for customers and enables customers to create watchlists for fraudsters.
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