Amazon opening brick and mortar bookstore in New York City

Set to open in spring 2017, Amazon's bookstore in Manhattan's Time Warner Center will offer customers titles based on ratings and sales, and have the same price tag as the offering online.

Amazon's figurehead Jeff Bezos (Image: James Martin/CNET).

Amazon says it will open a brick and mortar bookstore in New York City.


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An Amazon spokesperson confirmed late Wednesday the 4,000-square-foot store is set to open in spring 2017 in Manhattan's Time Warner Center.

Amazon describes its brick and mortar store as a "physical extension of" Amazon Books offers customers titles based on ratings and sales, for the same prices as the offerings online.

Traditionally online, Amazon has bookstore locations in San Diego, Ca. and in Portland, Ore, with Chicago and Dedham, Mass. in the works.

Amazon is also considering a location in the big shopping center under development in Hudson Yards, reported the Wall Street Journal. It's not expected to be completed until 2018.

The move to open retail stores is not one being embraced by traditional retailers. Macy's announced Wednesday plans to close around 100 stores to focus spending on its highest-growth-potential locations and new digital tech.

Last year, Amazon began testing a small grocery store without cash registers. It's only available to Amazon employees in Seattle, but will enter larger testing soon.