Amazon opens Alexa Skill Blueprints to businesses, content creators

The move is likely to quickly add to the roster of 80,000 Alexa skills today. Get ready for Alexa Skill sprawl.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon has opened up its Alexa Skill Blueprints to businesses, publishers, brands and others in a move that is likely to quickly inflate Alexa's skill inventory.

The company announced that Skill Blueprints will allow anyone to create skills and publish them to the Alexa Skills Store. Now this effort may be a bit like the Kindle self-publishing move by Amazon where there was a lot more choice as well as sprawl. While it's nice that anyone can create an Alexa skill it's unclear how the sprawl issue will develop.

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There are 80,000 Alexa skills today and the opening of blueprints is likely to add many more quickly.

Skill Blueprints were opened up in April and they are pretty easy to create. ZDNet's David Gewirtz tried out a few

Amazon is also going after content creators with Skill Blueprints that cover flash briefings to share updates, a WordPress integration that delivers blog posts as audios and educational talks that can be distributed.

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According to Amazon, there's also many options for individuals looking to create Alexa skills. Tutors have a Flashcards blueprint, personal trainers and gyms have options with Alexa-friendly routines and authors can publish short stories.  

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