Amazon opens Israel office to support startup efforts

The cloud giant will open an office in Tel Aviv in efforts to better support emerging companies in the region with its cloud storage and compute services.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor
Image: CNET

Amazon will open a region office in Israel's second largest city, the company announced Tuesday.

The retail turned cloud giant is ramping up its investment in the area as it seeks to support customers in the region with its cloud storage and compute services. The firm is hoping to target startups in particular, which have in recent years become a prime picking ground for larger Western businesses for acquisitions. But businesses of all sizes are will also be on the company's target list.

According to the company's chief technology officer Werner Vogels (via Reuters), many startups in the region used Amazon's Web Services (AWS) when it first launched in 2006.

In pitching towards startups, Vogels said smaller companies can, "spend your money on getting better engineers and product builders," he told a press conference.

By driving down costs, the company has lowered the price of its cloud computing, storage, and compute services close to three-dozen times since 2006.

The office is expected to open by the start of 2014.

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