Amazon Redshift data warehouse service launches in Europe

Amazon Web Services' data warehouse on demand service and its High Storage Instances for EC2 is available from today in Europe.
Written by Nick Heath, Contributor

Amazon's data warehouse-on-demand service Redshift is available in Europe from today.

The service, previously only available in the US, offers a data warehousing service for datasets ranging from hundreds of gigabytes to more than one petabyte in size.

Redshift is built on the open source database PostgreSQL 8.02 and is designed for OLAP and BI applications where complex queries need to be run against large datasets. Redshift uses a column data store to speed query times and employs data compression to optimise memory usages and disc I/O.

Speaking at the Amazon Web Services Summit in London on Tuesday, AWS CTO Werner Vogels said that Redshift customers are able to execute queries against datasets running to tens of millions of rows in milliseconds to seconds.

The service is pay by the hour with no upfront costs. A single high storage extra large node provides 2TB of data warehouse for $0.85 per hour, or reserved instance pricing allows customers to pay under $1,000 per TB per year.

AWS is also making available its High Storage Instances for its Amazon EC2 compute system. High Storage Instances provide customers with 35 EC2 units of compute capacity, 117GiB of RAM and 48TB of storage — delivering more than 2.4GBps of sequential I/O performance.

Amazon Redshift and Amazon EC High Storage Instances are now available in the US East (North Virginia), US West (Oregon) and EU West (Ireland) regions, with additional regions to be added "soon", according to the company.

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