Amazon rolls out Alexa development kit for cars

The Auto SDK will let automakers integrate their own versions of Amazon's voice-activated assistant into their vehicles.

Amazon Alexa checks in to hotel rooms

Amazon on Thursday released the Alexa Automotive Core (AAC) SDK, a development kit for for automotive OEMs that want to integrate Alexa directly into vehicles. It's available to download on GitHub.

Automakers are already adding the voice-activated assistant to their cars -- Toyota, for instance, announced at CES it was adding Alexa to Toyota and Lexus infotainment systems. Meanwhile, Alexa has a presence in the automotive sector thanks to Amazon's partnerships with companies that work with automotive OEMS, such as Panasonic.

The SDK, however, has the potential to bring Alexa to many more vehicles, for use cases such as making phone calls or assisting with navigation.

Amazon has released Alexa SDKs for other sectors, including wearable device makers and smart home devices. Meanwhile, Alexa is creeping into just about every space we occupy: Alexa for Hospitality, for instance, is a specialized version of the voice assistant that integrates into popular hotel software systems. The Echo Look brings Alexa into your closet to offer fashion advice. And Alexa for Business is bringing the assistant to your meetings.

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