Panasonic latest to bring Alexa to the auto

CES 2018: Thanks to Alexa Onboard, Panasonic will be able to offer automakers and customers offline Alexa integration in their infotainment system.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

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Panasonic and Amazon have linked to build Alexa voice services into the next-generation of Panasonic infotainment systems, the duo announced at CES 2018 on Monday.

Alexa integration on Panasonic systems will see Alexa features and skills available regardless of network connection. When offline, drivers will be able to control their car with Alexa to rollup windows, change cabin temperature, and access navigation. While connected to the network, drivers will also be able to access weather, news, smart home control, and more.

There's no word on OEM auto partners or availability for the Alexa integration. Panasonic is taking advantage of Amazon's Alexa Onboard offering that brings offline Alexa voice services to the auto setting.

"Enabling some of these capabilities even without an Internet connection is revolutionary," said Tom Gebhardt, president of Panasonic Corporation of North America, in a statement.

Panasonic said its infotainment offering will also work with Google Assistant, thanks to the fact Android is powering the system.

Amazon has been making a big push into cars, linking with automakers Hyundai and Ford in the past to push its Alexa everywhere strategy. Further, Garmin recently announced a partnership with Amazon to bring Alexa integration into Garmin's own infotainment offering to enable drivers to control on-board navigation, media player software, and utilize Alexa skills.

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