Amazon to unveil new devices and services

The tech giant will showcase an expanded lineup later this month at its Seattle headquarters.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Get ready to hear more from Alexa. 

Amazon's AI-powered assistant will likely have a starring role in a September 25 event at Amazon headquarters in Seattle. The tech giant will be unveiling new services and devices. 

So far, Amazon has shared little else about what to expect from the event. However, last year at its headquarters, Amazon unveiled a slew of new Alexa-enabled devices, including a subwoofer, a smart plug, and even a microwave. The tech giant also updated its family of Echo smart speakers and announced more integrations with other product makers home service providers.

As Brent Leary wrote for ZDNet, integrating Alexa into effectively all of our devices gives Amazon the chance to win more consumer attention -- and then, more interactions, trust, and transactions. 

At the same time, earning users' trust and attention has become a more complicated endeavor over the past year as Amazon and other tech giants come under more scrutiny for potential privacy violations. Earlier this year, Amazon came under fire for having employees listen in on users' Alexa queries to improve the voice assistant's accuracy. Amazon now lets its users opt-out of the practice. Amazon also faced questions about the length of time for which it keeps voice recordings. 

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