​Amazon Web Services launches security service, more cloud storage options

AWS made its Inspector security service generally available and rolled out a series of storage options to make transferring data to the cloud easier.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon Web Services on Tuesday made its Inspector automated security assessment service generally available and added more storage options.

The flurry of news landed at the cloud provider's Chicago Summit.

Amazon Inspector is designed to assess security on its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and find issues, vulnerabilities and compliance with standards. Amazon Inspector's pricing is per assessment with the first 250 free for a customer's first 90 days. Here's a look at the pricing after the free trial offer ends.


On the storage front, AWS said it was launching two new hard disk drive storage options for its Elastic Block Store. Prices start at $0.025/GB a month. The HDD options are designed for things like log processing and data warehouse workloads.

AWS said that it has focused on solid state drive services, but for big data workloads HDDs remain the best option for block storage.

In addition, AWS launched S3 Transfer Acceleration to court customers to move more on-premises data to the cloud.

The S3 Transfer Acceleration uses optimized network protocols and AWS edge infrastructure to boost transfers by 50 percent to 500 percent. The company also added a 80 TB Snowball appliance to move data faster too.

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