Amazon Web Services marks 40th price drop since 2006

AWS is slashing Elastic Block Store pricing by as much as 50 percent in select regions.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

From retail to the cloud, Amazon has a reputation for routinely slashing prices on big ticket items.

But this promo in particular marks a milestone for the Internet giant being the 40th price drop by Amazon Web Services since its launch in 2006.

The Seattle-headquartered corporation rolled out a number of AWS updates on Tuesday morning, headlined by the aforementioned price reductions — namely on the Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Simple Storage Service (S3).

Amazon will be cutting Amazon S3 storage prices across all Regions by up to 22 percent. That comes with a proportionate reduction in the price of Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS).

The cost-cutting measures are even more substantial for EBS, with reductions as significant at 50 percent off in some regions. Again, pricing going forward will vary by region, but every single one will see some sort of reduction on EBS Standard volume storage and I/O requests.

New pricing for these solutions go into effect on February 1 and will be applied automatically.

Amazon also announced some M3 instance news as the Second Generation General-purpose EC2 instance type now comes with support for two new instance sizes: medium and large.

The M3 instances also now include SSD-based instance storage and support the use of instance store-backed AMIs.

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