Amazon Web Services names partner graduates under certification program

AWS has named six partners under a certification program designed to ensure consultants maintain a common customer experience.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon Web Services on Tuesday said that it has named its first six partners in a consultant certification program.

In a blog post, AWS said 2nd Watch, Datapipe, Smartronix, Cascadeo, Day1 Solutions and RightBrain Networks have been approved for its Managed Service Partner Program.

Here's why the move is notable. For starters, AWS is working toward building out its channel program and as it scales the cloud provider will have to create a common experience. In addition, implementing the cloud can have its surprises. Many enterprises are surprised that they have to create roles to monitor spending and optimize it. Managed service providers step in to manage AWS, optimize spending and make sure that best practices are followed.

In the midmarket, managed service providers such as Cloudexa have stepped in. AWS announced the managed service partner program at its re:Invent conference last year.

AWS said it conducts third party audits of its consulting partners, validates services and makes sure they optimize spending and follow best practices.

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