AMD sees slow uptake for chip consortium

CPU maker AMD doubts the 10-company chip consortium which plans to produce a Pentium rival by 1998 will hit pay dirt, saying slow customer adoption will be a problem.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor on

"Producing the silicon isn't the difficult bit," said Richard Baker, regional marketing manager for AMD's PC products division. "If the chip isn't compatible with existing [PC systems], it has to be out for a long time to be a competitor and get acceptance from the customer base. At AMD we see PCs remaining in the x86 arena."

"There's been a spate of people entering the processor wars," Baker added. "But the bottom line is anything that opens up the PC industry is healthy. These are big guns. They've obviously got a lot of money, and good luck to them."

AMD can be contacted by telephone on 01276-803100.

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