America uses Echelon to spy on Britain, say reports

Britain and America are partners in Echelon, but new evidence confirms that America is spying on British businesses using Echelon. Will Knight reports
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

New CIA documents reveal how the United States' intelligence services use covert techniques to monitor European business communications, including Britain's, to give American companies economic advantages. The activity is illegal.

The documents, uncovered by NBC News and Scottish investigative journalist Duncan Campbell, reveal how the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the NSA (National Security Agency) help American firms to secure billion-dollar business contracts via the satellite surveillance network code-named Echelon.

It is believed that the practice has actively been encouraged by the Clinton administration through its policy of "aggressive advocacy".

That America is spying on British businesses using Echelon is ironic: Britain and America are the two principal members of the UK/USA alliance which runs Echelon, a part of the global surveillance system. France also believes it is being spied on by Echelon. French firms and individuals will bring a legal case against the NSA for its covert surveillance within the next two months.

Former Nato computer consultant Brian Gladwell is quoted in an article published in the Independent newspaper Sunday stating: "If we look at cyberspace we have state-sponsored information piracy. We can't have global e-commerce until governments like the US stop state-sponsored theft of commercial information."

Full story to follow.

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