American Airlines chooses Interwoven's web solution

Interwoven's workflow and templating solution lets American Airlines focus on enhancing customer communications and content.Singapore - July 10, 2000 - Interwoven, Inc.
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Interwoven's workflow and templating solution lets American Airlines focus on enhancing customer communications and content.

Singapore - July 10, 2000 - Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ: IWOV), a provider of enterprise-class content management software, recently announced that American Airlines (NYSE:AMR) has chosen Interwoven to drive content across the entire AA.com Internet site.

The e-commerce site, AA.com receives more than 350,000 visits on peak days and approximately 25 million page views each month. American Airlines will take advantage of Interwoven's advanced workflow, templating, and scalability to significantly streamline content delivery, providing 24x7 information to customers as the Web site expands and offers new services.

Interwoven will help AA.com to provide AADVANTAGE members with relevant content based on their individual preferences and draw upon the AADVANTAGE database to present special offers and news tailored to each customer's interests.
Key features of Interwoven's solutions:
· Advanced workflow of Interwoven TeamSite, which streamlines the content management process and provides more control over access to content and work areas.
  • XML TeamSite Templating to separate content from the way it is presented, enabling contributors to focus on the value of the content rather than its structure.
  • Ease of use, allowing anyone to use Interwoven TeamSite with minimal training.
  • Enterprise-scale architecture, providing the ability to support large volumes of content and high traffic.
  • Interwoven's open architecture, which integrates with other best-of-breed personalization technologies.

    "With the powerful workflow and templating in Interwoven TeamSite, our publishing team will be able to focus on content management - including the effectiveness and personalization of content we deliver - rather than creation and structure," said Elizabeth Crandall, managing director of personalized marketing for American Airlines. "And that translates to higher quality, and more relevant and timely content for our customers."

    About AA.com
    AA.com, is among the top travel sites on the Internet and is recognized as one of the largest e-commerce sites (Media Metrix). AA.com provides news, information and specials that are personalized to passengers' preferred airports, destinations and AAdvantage travel program partners.

    In addition, the site offers customers quick, easy and convenient travel reservations, wireless access to flight information via the Palm VII, online management of their AAdvantage Travel Awards Program accounts, and useful features like graphical seat maps that let customers request their preferred seat selection online. For more information visit www.aa.com.

    About Interwoven
    Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ: IWOV) is a provider of content management software for the enterprise Web. Its flagship product, TeamSite, controls the development, management and deployment of business-critical Web sites.

    Interwoven solutions are based on an inclusive content architecture that empowers all content contributors and leverages diverse Web assets including XML, Java, rich html, multimedia and database content. TeamSite is available for the Sun Solaris operating system and Microsoft NT and Windows 2000 operating systems.

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