An iPad Mini and a new iPad. Nice try Apple. See you in two years or more.

On the brink of the big launch of Windows 8, Apple tries to take the wind out of Microsoft's sails (sales?) with the iPad mini and yet another iPad. Fail.
Written by Ken Hess, Contributor

I'm a pretty creative guy but even I couldn't make up the stuff that's happening in iGadgetland today. We all new about the iPad mini. That's kind of old news. But, the fact that Apple also launched another full-sized iPad generation is just laughable at best. Hey, Tim (Cook), how long before you obsolete the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 now that you have a mini and an iPad 4? And, Tim, while I have your attention, what the hell are you doing releasing yet another full-sized iPad two-and-a-half years after the original iPad? Are you kidding me? Unfortunately, I don't think you are kidding.

It's unfortunate for consumers because now no one knows where to "buy in." Unfortunate for those of us who were stupid enough to buy into the original iPad. Unfortunate for those who purchased an iPad 3 a few months ago as the "latest" thing. All I have to say to you is, "Wow."

As a company, you have to have a very large pair of brass iStones for that move.

Just, "Wow."

I hope that fellow Apple fans and consumers are now feeling that you've diluted the market to the point of ridiculous now.

I'll give you the one-button mouse version of why I have a problem with what you've done.

April 3, 2010: iPad 1

March 11, 2011: iPad 2

March 16, 2012: iPad 3

October 23, 2012: iPad mini and iPad 4

I think even the most devoted, mouth-foaming Mactard gets the picture--the enhanced retina, improved camera, faster processor, still very expensive picture, that is. Two iPad releases in the same year. How stupid do you think people are? OK, maybe you got me there. Still, you shouldn't be so blatant about it.

Here's what everyone should do: Wait another six months for the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2. Or, wait until a year from now, when everything prior to today's newest, greatest stuff is obsolete and buy that. No, wait, wait until March/April 2014 when Apple announces the new, improved iPad mini 3 and the iPad 6. Still, you could wait until late October 2014, when Apple announces the iGotYourMoneySoTakeThatMactards super 3D, voice activated, you'll need gloves just to hold it iPad 7 and the super mini iYouDon'tNeedThisWorthlessThing iPad 4.

Do you really expect us to keep buying this stuff? I think we should all wait. Wait and see. Or, go buy something else.

I was once a fan--a converted fan. Never a super Mactard but a fan. Now, I'm just very disapointed.

I'm irritated to say the least. Not just at the announcement but the whole thing. I think that if people didn't feel totally taken by Apple before, they will now.

I'm also very bummed because I was really liking Apple stuff. I wanted a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro too. I still kind of do but certainly the shine is off the apple for me now (Yes, I know I wrote, "apple" there, it's part of the thematic punch I'm going for--stop judging me).

I'm going to wait two years until I see what kind of moves Apple is going to make before I make anymore purchases of their hardware. Too bad, too. I was really hoping to dig into some cool multimedia action with a new Macbook Air. Sorry, Apple, my money stays with me now. I doubt you'll notice. But, if everyone waited, you'd get the picture.

What do you think of Apple's little announcements today? Are you shocked or do you think this is the new Apple? Talk back and let me know.

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