An ode to sheds: from design-heavy pods to man caves

Sheds are, as of late, a pre-fab favorite for work and art studios. But they also play an important role as a place for escape from the workaday world. And for watching football.
Written by Mary Catherine O'Connor, Contributing Writer

It's the holidays. Time to gather in the warmth of the family home...or maybe run away from your family and into the refuge of a backyard shed?

Certainly, that's not the best of option in cold climes if your shed of choice is the Tetra-Shed, an angular, modular pod system designed by architect David Ajasa-Adekunle. That's because the Tetra-Shed, while affording nice views of the outdoors, doesn't actually have windows, which makes the prospects of heating these little work studios rather daunting. If not fruitless.

But the pods are designed to be modular so many can be attached together. Pricing isn't available yet for these pods, which are coming out in spring 2012. But perhaps you could take what you'd save on leasing office space and buy some windows. And a long extension cord to power up the place.

On the other end of the style spectrum sits the mismatched, cobbled but character-filled shelters that serve as sanctuaries for people (fine, maybe mostly men) who need a room of their own to ruminate or tinker or drink beer. And clean rifles, maybe. According to this recent New York Times shed exposé of sorts, men are establishing playhouses garden sheds because they don't frequent the Elks lodges and union meeting halls that older generations used.

But while men aren't as interested in the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks like they once were, they're still very much interested in football. And football and sheds, it appears, go together like beer and brats. The Packer Shack, a shed-turned-football-chapel located deep in the northwoods of Wisconsin, is the handiwork of a good friend of this reporter (who is from Chicago and dislikes football and therefore will likely never be allowed to visit during a game).

Here's a taste of life in the Packer Shack during a recent Sunday game.

Images: Flickr/Beedle Um Bum; Tetra-Shack; Flickr/Powerhouse Museum

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