Android goes from strength to strength - 700,000 devices activated every day

That's almost 5 million devices per week.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Andy Rubin, Google's senior vice president of mobile, says that a staggering 700,000 Android devices are being activated each day.

Let's put that figure into perspective. It works out at almost 5 million devices per week, or a staggering 21 million a month. During the fourth quarter of 2011 Apple sold Apple sold 17 million iPhones and 11 million iPads over the three month period. If Google can keep up these sort of activation numbers, there will be over 60 million Android devices activated per quarter.

Earlier this month I predicted that I wouldn't be surprised if Google ended up activating 1 million Android devices daily by this time next year. That was based on Google now activating some 550,000 new devices a day. This official bump up to 700,000 per day makes the million figure much easier to achieve during 2012.


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