Android malware numbers explode to 25,000 in June 2012

So far, the number of Android malware threats found has hit 25,000. In June 2012 alone, the number increased by a whopping 10,000, easily the largest find for a month yet.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

In June 2012, the number of Android malware threats increased to a whopping 25,000 samples. More specifically, 5,000 new malicious Android apps were found in Q1 2012 while 15,000 were found so far in Q2 2012. Put another way, in all of Q1 2012, the number jumped by 5,000, while just one month in Q2 2012 was responsible for another 10,000.

The data come from Trend Micro, which originally predicted the number would hit 11,000 by this time of the year. It turns out the company has found closer to 25,000 Android malware samples in the wild, so far.

As such, Trend Micro has adjusted its prediction for the year 2012 to a whopping 129,000 malicious Android apps. Frankly I think this project is off and it won't get that bad. Hopefully we'll see Google crack down on the problem.

The security firm elaborated a bit on the top malware types and released a corresponding infographic:

We listed seven malware types for Android devices this quarter. Almost half of these are premium service abusers that subscribe users to services they did not sign up for. Adware, recently added due to persistent pushing of ads as urgent notifications, came second. Data stealers, malicious downloaders, rooters, click fraudsters, and spying tools follow respectively. These apps put personal and financial information most at risk of theft.
Android malware numbers explode to 25,000 in June 2012

The last statistic mentioned above is that one in five Android devices have a security app installed. This is a number that is arguably going to increase. Trend Micro points out that Android malware has been rising alongside the growing market for Android devices, and it follows that we expect the use of security apps to increase as well.

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