Android's Google Play will let users trial games right from search results

While the advertising tool is for developers, it will allow Android users to test Google Play games without having to download anything.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Google is rolling out a new feature to its Google Play Games on Android that will allow users to trial select games for ten minutes before deciding to make a purchase.

Users will simply be able to search for a game and then click "try now" in Google Play. Google's advertising technology will then stream the trial for ten minutes, no download required.

The feature, called "search trial run ads", will be rolling out across Android over the coming weeks and was announced on Monday at the Games Developer Conference in San Francisco according to TechCrunch who was at the event.

Google began experimenting with the feature in December in a limited fashion, but it was clunky and not as straight forward as the search feature announced on Monday. Trial apps have typically been shunned from app stores like Google Play and iOS' App Store, however streaming reduces app redundancy and makes it easier for users to try new offerings from developers.

Google also took time at GDC to announce a new API that will allow developers to include video recording and live streaming functionality to any game. Due out in the next few months, Google says both recorded and livestream content can be beamed to YouTube -- similar to Twitch.

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