Anonymous: "We want AMERICANS to wake up!"

Anonymous has let the world know that they seek the attention of Americans. Are you listening? They hope so...
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor
Update: Anonymous has pulled their article for the time being. Here is the original tweet that contained a link to the article:


Update 2: Anonymous has re-posted the article with added content. Today seems to be the day that notorious hackers around the world want to be heard from directly as opposed to through their actions alone. Following a press release earlier today by the infamous rogue hacker group LulzSec, Anonymous has now released a statement expressing their goal is primarily to make Americans "wake up, think, and question all things." To quote:
In the past few months, Anonymous has made headlines through the actions of a few. The media tries to instill fear of which Anonymous is as a "group", and in the process failed to recognize it as an "ideal" that is gaining momentum. Anonymous is an ideal that the people can use to further help other people. In this case, you’re not being heard and transparency in government operations is non-existent in many matters. Mobilize yourself to find your information, and we’ll be giving you resources to further help you. Take the information you find and tell your government your demands. We want AMERICANS to wake up! We want AMERICANS to read! We want AMERICANS to think, and above all question all things! We want AMERICANS to analyze, criticize, critique and learn to read between the lines, to expose and to deconstruct! We want you to believe in the infinite power of the people! We want you to learn that we’re all truly brothers and sisters in humanity regardless of all the artificial barriers that have been set up to separate us!
To start, it is true that Anonymous have tried thus far in vain to convey their message of being an "ideal" as opposed to a "group," per se. To be fair, though, it's all just a bunch of semantics. "Ideal" or "group," it's still a group of people -- no matter how large -- who are the catalyst for their message and the ideal they stand for. So, I'm proclaiming now that while Anonymous may be some kind of illusive ideal shrouded in mystery, it's an ideal existing solely to the individuals who take part in it; a group. Regardless of the ideal or group of individuals it is comprised of, Anonymous seems to think that Americans are the only people in the world who need to specifically heed their message of government corruption and the power of the people to take what should be theirs -- or at least be able to bathe in the truths of government translucency much more so than now. Personally, I think they're just engaging in self-serving prattle. The number of Americans who will actually care or take note of their wishes will probably only ever total in the tens of tens of people. As for me, I get it. I'm a highly-philosophical individual and I understand what they're on about. It's a product to be expected from certain individuals in our day and age; people who want to see change and who want to shatter the facades that the feeling of safety and security can create. But there are much more constructive and approachable ways to present that point. Take, for instance, the October 2010 TED talk by Bruce Schneier where he outlines the vast differences between the feeling of security and the reality of security:


While I understand that more impact will most likely be created through examples set forth by ideals like Anonymous and groups like LulzSec, that impact will undoubtedly be short-lived. Regardless of how passionate someone is to overthrow a government or wake up an entire body of people, these things come and go. They have for ages and they will continue to. Anonymous wants their message spread, so here it is. What do you think, America? Are you ready to overthrow your government? Despite my personal feelings on the matter, I will remain glued to the activities and objectives these people are carrying out. They have the attention of the world, but instead of being perceived as individuals trying to help, they're being perceived as bad guys who are but one step away from pointlessly ruining another life for a supposed greater cause. So long as people feel like that, good luck trying to get them to see you any other way. Anonymous, LulzSec and whoever else can blame it on the media all they want, but for people who are so progressive and keen in their perceptions, how could they not see the way the media would portray their actions or how the world would perceive their actions? Some of us are wide-awake, Anonymous. You just need a more constructive way to get your point across -- especially if you really and truly care to make GENUINE impact and not just hear yourselves talk. Anything less, and you'd might as well just be doing it for the lulz. Lastly, if Anonymous thinks Americans lack a certain amount of perception, what makes them think Americans are going to know what to do to carry out what they should supposedly want to do where garnering more control over governmental affairs is concerned? There's a lot more education that needs to happen than that which has been afforded everyone thus far via exploits. For more on Anonymous, have a look at the news video below which was recorded shortly after the FBI issued 40 warrants due to a DDOS attack:


Thoughts? Let us know in the comments below! -Stephen Chapman SEO Whistleblower
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