Another great iPad app: iTeleport

iTeleport is the mac-daddy of VNC apps for the iPad.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Many people are quick to point out the iPad's flaws: it doesn't play Flash, it lacks multithreaded apps, an accessible file system, yadda. The thing is, your desktop computer can do all of these perfectly well, which is where VNC comes in. VNC allows you to connect to your desktop computer (Mac or PC) from the iPad and watch Hulu.com and visit Flash sites until the cows come home.

iTeleport ($24.99, App Store), formerly Jaadu (which I dubbed King of the iPhone VNC apps in January 2009) is killer VNC client for the iPad that has eliminated the need to configuring IP addresses, port forwarding, and dynamic DNS. Instead, all settings are now synced via your Google account and the app is configured in three easy steps.

iTeleport turns the iPad into a control surface for a desktop computer in the same room or anywhere on the Internet. Controlling your Mac remotely via touchscreen feels a little awkward at first but once you master it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. iTeleport is the primo VNC app for the iPad. The best get better.

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