Another ZDNet Great Debate lost, still not giving up on Windows Phone

I win the popular vote, but can't seem to win the argument as I continue to support the Windows Phone platform in ZDNet Great Debates. I'm sticking with Windows Phone for the long haul though.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Back in December I participated in a ZDNet Great Debate on WP7 and Nokia, ending up with 76% of the audience vote and still losing the argument. This week I again argued for Nokia and ended up with 81% of the audience vote. However, I again was declared the loser so am now starting to wonder if my support for Windows Phone is rare in the tech space.

Even though I keep losing out on these debates supporting the Windows Phone platform, I think it will eventually catch on in a more significant manner. As I wrote a couple weeks ago Microsoft has showed growth since the launch of Windows Phone, even if it is only at about 2% at the moment. They haven't had very enthusiastic partners until Nokia came onto the scene this year and all indications are that Nokia's Windows Phones are selling quite well. My wife has a Nokia Lumia 710 and yesterday when I picked up an HTC One S I asked if she wanted to switch since the One S has a fantastic camera and that is an important feature for her. She told me if it doesn't have Windows Phone on it then she isn't interested at all. She finds Windows Phone easy to use, stable, and efficient and has used Android and Symbian in the past.

I have been using Windows Phone since July 2010 and even though it may not be popular with the tech crowd, I am going to keep using and supporting Windows Phone because it works well for ME. As I constantly state, it is a platform you really do need to try out to appreciate and you can't just look at it from the outside and judge it.

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