Anti-Bully resolution passes in Miami

Miami-Dade school board passes resolution urging retailers not to sell new game, warn parents of dangers of violent games.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

As threatened earlier, the Miami-Dade school board passed a resolution against Bully, the soon-to-be-released video game from Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games, eSchoolNews relates.

Frank Bolanos, the Miami-Dade School Board member who introduced the resolution .. . told The Miami Herald that Bully is "the antithesis of everything [the Miami-Dade School Board] is trying to promote."

William Lassiter, manager for the Center for the Prevention of School Violence, a resource center for programs that promote safer schools and foster positive youth development, said Miami-Dade's resolution "helps raise awareness [among] parents."

"There is violent content in the game, and it does encourage children to do things that are inappropriate in schools," Lassiter said. "I think parents are unaware about the violence in the game. Anything that raises awareness to this is a good thing."

While the resolution is technically toothless - it merely asks retailers not to sell it and informs parents about the risks of violent games -  the move could be a touchstone for a parent boycott.

Lassiter said efforts to block the sale of such games through legislation have been largely unsuccessful, he said boycotts by parents might negate the question of game censorship. The message to parents, he said, should be: "Don't purchase it, [and] don't let your child purchase the game."

Meanwhile in LA, the city attorney's office filed suit against the maker of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for hiding extreme content in the game. In the "Hot Coffee" mini-game, characters are depicted in sexual activities. 

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