AppAlchemy reveals the magic of iOS photo apps

This 100 page interactive iPad eBook unveils the secrets behind creating amazing photo collages and compositions with over-the-counter apps from the App Store.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor
AppAlchemy reveals the magic of iOS photo apps - Jason O'Grady

It's easy to dismiss the camera in your iPhone or iPad as a toy, but in reality it's an incredibly powerful tool -- if you know how to use it. AppAlchemy ($8.99, iTunes) is a new eBook from reknown digital artist Dan Marcolina that shows you the tricks of the trade and how to get the most out of the camera in your iOS device.

AppAlchemy is a fully interactive iPad eBook that takes you through the process of producing amazing photography with your iOS device. It features over 100 pages of detailed step-by-step video tutorials that take you through 32 image formulas.  

The App Store is littered with over 8,000 photography apps and Marcolina highlights his 40 essential apps and shows you how to wield them like a pro. His personal tutorials are neatly organized into eight categories including:

  • Production Apps, like Photoforge2 and Snapseed
  • Grunge Apps, like Vintage Scene and Modern Grunge
  • Light and Blur Apps, like Tiltshift and BigLens
  • Toon and Graphic Apps, like Decim8 and ToonPaint
  • Film Looks Apps, like PlasticBullet and Dramatic Black & White
  • Camera Apps, like SlowShutter and CCD
  • HDR Apps, like Simply HDR and TrueHDR
  • Auto FXs Apps, like RetroCamera and Jazz

AppAlchemy includes over five hours of example videos and copious links to examples from some of the world's best iPhone artists. It's a great way to learn from one of the most experienced iPhoneographers in the business today. 

Here's a video preview:

AppAlchemy Preview (Now Available) from dan marcolina on Vimeo.

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