Appiterate redefines A/B testing for mobile app developers

With a core team that has a strong mobile background, this Indian startup aims to make iterating on apps as easy and painless as for web with the world's first WYSIWYG editor for A/B testing.
Written by Srinivas Kulkarni, Contributor

A/B testing is a methodology to test out two variants and experiment to find out which version works better with the audience. A lot has been happening in the Web space with A/B testing and it has now caught up on the mobile as well especially since there has been a surge in mobile application development.

While developing applications, most developers find iterations that are required within a shorter turnaround time very tricky. Especially since any change in the application has to be updated via the app store. So a lot of them find introducing new features a bit risky as there is hardly any way to statistically test how users will react to the new feature or changes. That's where this startup from India, Appiterate comes into the picture to address this.

The core team at Appiterate comes from a strong mobile background. They have been involved in designing and developing apps for other companies like Groupon, Samsung, Zomato, Microsoft, Asian Paints to name a few. They felt that there is a strong need for quickly iterating on native apps, much like in the Web world and that is how Appiterate came into being. That's when they launched their A/B testing platform in September 2013 during TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

"We aim to make iterating on apps as easy and painless as for web. For this, we launched world's first WYSIWYG editor for A/B testing. A/B testing solutions for mobile were a far cry from what Optimizely and some others have for the web world," said Tanuj Mendriatta, CEO and co-Founder of Appiterate.

That is where their What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor breaks the mould and allows app publishers to quickly make changes in visual elements of their apps and run A/B tests. Publishers can use create custom segments to run their tests on or use from their pre-defined segment options. Also, developers don't need to push an update to app stores for making winning variations live on all your audience. 

Appiterate helps out developers and product managers to run A/B tests basically on virtually any element of a mobile apps, with formatting and placement of Call to Action (CTA) elements, text, images, workflows. They do this using a visual drag-and-drop interface. Most of the changes are live and in app, real-time, without making an update to app stores. Multivariate tests can be made possible with the option of running them on particular segments based on demographic and behavioural parameters.  

This is done via a visual drag-and-drop interface. All these changes can be made live in app in real-time, without making an update to app stores. Multivariate tests can be created with ability to run them on particular segments based on demographic and behavioral parameters.

"Apart from A/B testing, we have an App CMS, which you can use to make thematic changes to your app and publish directly to your users, again, without having to update your app to app stores. We also provide detailed analytics to help app publishers to understand their users better," Mendriatta added further. 

Of course there are a few competitors like Apptimize, Leanplum, Swrve who are into A/B testing for native apps. But what sets them apart according to Tanuj is that using  WYSIWYG editor, even Marketers and Product Managers can create A/B tests easily without any knowledge of coding at all. Certainly quite a great way forward especially where entrepreneurs are coming in from varied skill set and diverse background. According to the CEO, their platform is mostly used by Ecommerce and Gaming apps publishers.

They have built value for a lot of their clients including the likes of Ola cabs (India's biggest cab aggregation company) increasing engagement for them and Reviews42, a shopping companion app, increasing their revenues by 28 percent. They have also seen great success stories for some gaming apps as well.

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