Apple adds COVID vaccine sites to Maps to help users find appointments

Unsure how many COVID-19 vaccination clinics are near you? Just ask Siri.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Images: Apple

Apple on Tuesday announced its latest effort to help with the COVID pandemicin the US. iPhone, iPad and Mac users can now ask Siri for help with finding a local COVID vaccine clinic. 

Alternatively, you can also open Apple Maps and search for the same information. The data comes from VaccineFinder, with results including a link to the website where you can book an appointment, along with the hours of the clinic. 

Apple says that the current data set has over 20,000 different vaccination locations throughout the US, with more locations being added soon. 

If you've tried booking an appointment for yourself or a loved one, you surely know the struggle of trying to find a time slot to get a vaccine. Clinics are often overbooked, have short supply of the vaccine, or websites flat-out crash under the load of everyone trying to book an appointment at the same time. 

Vaccination clinics in Apple Maps joins COVID-19 testing sites and information for specific businesses that pertains to the virus.

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