Apple ads hurting Microsoft's brand? In that case the ads aren't helping Apple either!

Are Apple's "I'm a Mac" ads having a detrimental effect on Microsoft's brand? Well, if they are, they're not doing enough for Apple's brand either.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

According to a piece on CNET News.com by Ina Fried, Apple's "I'm a Mac" ads could be having a detrimental effect on Microsoft's brand.

Microsoft lands at No. 59 in the rankings for 2007, down from No. 11 in 2004, according to the survey from CoreBrand released Wednesday.

"The effect of Apple's 'Hi, I'm a Mac' advertising campaign may have taken its toll on Microsoft," CoreBrand CEO James Gregory said in a statement. "The launch of a series of new products, following a long, relatively dormant period, will be closely watched to see if it will have a positive impact on the Microsoft brand."

The list of rankings is available here (PDF).

OK, here's my take, if Apple's ads are having a detrimental effect on Microsoft's brand, why aren't we seeing Apple appear in the top 100 list?  In fact, I'm surprised that after reaching a point where the iPod market has become saturated and Macs are flying off the shelves that Apple doesn't feature in the top 100. 

I've got some alternative suggestions for things which have had an effect on Microsoft's brand:

  • Vista
  • Linux

I'm not saying that Apple ads haven't had an effect, but to put all of it down to "Hi, I'm a Mac" is far too simplistic.


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