Apple announces iPad event, March 7

Apple has said it will hold an event on March 7th -- a little over a week from now -- to announce the next-generation iPad tablet.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Finally. We now know something about the next-generation iPad for sure. It will be announced in just over a week's time on March 7th.

The company remained tight-lipped over the announcement, indicating very little besides the date of the event.

As per previous invitations, little is given away by the invitation itself. What is seen, however, appears to be a high-resolution display.

CNBC this morning tweeted that the upcoming device would be quad-core and boast a high-speed 4G LTE chip. However, the logistics of doing so would require a far greater battery than is currently in the iPad 2. It also contradicts well-connected AllThingsD, a stable source of Apple news, and many others too.

It also claimed the event would be held in New York, rather than San Francisco. An Apple spokesperson confirmed that the event will be held in San Francisco.


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