Apple CEO: Wearable computing is 'profoundly interesting'

According to Tim Cook, wearing a computer on your wrist is only natural.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

According to Tim Cook, wearing a computer on your wrist is only natural.

Apple may not be plunging ahead with their own version of Google Glass, but for the tech giant's CEO Tim Cook, the idea of wearable computing is "profoundly interesting," -- which may indicate an 'iWatch' will eventually hit our stores.

Credit: Sarah Tew and Christopher MacManus/CNET

During an interview at the D11 conference on Tuesday, Cook said that whereas wearable computers based around eyewear may be "risky," wearing something on your wrist is far more natural.

However, in days where fewer members of Generation Y bother to wear watches -- instead glancing at their mobile phones or tablet screens to find the time -- the product has to be "incredible" so people will want to wear it, according to the chief executive. The way to do this is not only to give a potential Apple watch the same sleek design as the iPhone and iPad, but to also make it multi-functional and useful to a consumer who often disregards watches.

Rumors of an iWatch began earlier this year, when reports surfaced that Apple was "experimenting" with technological wristwatches. Google and Samsung are also working on their own wearable computers, although it is unlikely any of the tech giants will release a smart watch product this year.

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