Apple confirms new laptop imminent

Speculation about the imminent launch of a new Mac laptop was confirmed today by Apple.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

It is thought the laptop will be along the lines of the Mac Powerbooks aimed at professionals and should be in the shops in time for Christmas. No more details are available at this stage.

In June, Apple was rumoured to be scrapping its "consumer portable" the P1. Apple interim CEO Steve Jobs will announce the product at a keynote speech at MacWorld in New York next Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Apple posted higher than expected profits, driven by sales of iMacs. Third quarter results showed a net profit of $203m (£124m), representing a unit growth of 40 percent over the prior year and surpassing IDC's worldwide industry growth rate forecast of 21 percent. "Apple is growing faster than the industry," commented interim CEO Steve Jobs.

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