Apple cuts the cord on DUI checkpoint-evasion apps

App developers looking to bring their next drunk driving-enabling app to the iPhone should look elsewhere as Apple moves to block the applications from reaching the App Store.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

In light of the recent controversy over iOS apps that tip tipsy users on the locations of DUI checkpoints, Apple has made a few tweaks to its App Store Review Guidelines.

"Apps which contain DUI checkpoints that are not published by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and enable drunk driving, will be rejected," the revision reads.

Concern over the apps has hit a critical mass in recent months, with Apple and lawmakers heading off on whether Apple's App Store was enabling drunk driving via a number of third party applications. One potential hitch with the latest guidelines revision, however, is that the prohibition only affects apps that publish the locations of checkpoints not already published by police. Considering that many law enforcement agencies already make a point of disclosing checkpoint locations in newspapers ahead of time, app developers may already have any easy loophole through the new rules.

Now the question is, will Google follow suit with the Android Market? While the company has previously said it would not pull the apps, judging by its less-than-open stance on Android Market video game console emulators in recent weeks, a reversal isn't entirely out of the question.

[Via Engadget]

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