Apple extending technical support appointment times at Apple Store: Report

Alongside a revamp to Apple's Genius Bar, the company has rolled out bonuses for iPhone sales at Apple Stores across the country.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Apple is changing the way it handles appointments at the Genius Bar -- the service part of the Apple Store that solves technical issues for customers.

Apple-focused blog 9to5mac reports the changes will be rolled out in the coming months, and specifically, will extend Genius Bar appointment times past the 10 minutes for iOS devices and 15 minutes for Macs that is currently allotted to a customer.

Currently, if an appointment extends past the allotted time, an employee will schedule a follow-up appointment.

Under the new Genius Bar system, if an appointment takes longer than originally anticipated, it's being speculated that an algorithm will automatically re-assign appointments to other employees in the store as needed, and the "Genius" will continue to solve the issue for the current customer.

Right now, it's hard to get seen by just walking in an Apple Store for service without placing an appointment online -- probably thanks to the sheer amount of devices Apple sells. According to 9to5mac, Apple is changing the way it handles walk-in appointments so that it sees more customers.

Furthermore, Apple is continuing to place big bets on the Apple Store to drive sales. In a report from last week, 9to5mac said Apple is implementing a reward and incentive system for its Apple Store staff. The incentive program will be in effect between February 21 and March 26. Apple is promising rewards and all-expense paid vacations to Cupertino, California to employees who sell the most iPhones in their region.

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