​Apple hikes UK prices, introduces new 32GB iPhone 6s

Do you want the iPhone 6s with 32GB storage for £499 or a brand new 32GB iPhone 7 for £599?
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Likely the result of a weak British pound, iPhone fans in the UK will be paying more than previous years for Apple's newest iPhones, but Apple also introduced a new 32GB iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus starting at £499.

Last year, Apple's entry level iPhone 6s started at £539 in the UK, but this year Brits won't be able to get their hands on iPhone 7 for less than £599. The iPhone 7 Plus's starting price of £719 is also £100 more than the entry level iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple has of course dropped the 16GB entry level for 32GB in its new lineup of iPhones. However, as Mac Rumours points out, the US hasn't seen these same price hikes.

This makes it likely the price hike in the UK reflects Apple adjusting to the lower value of the pound, following the Brexit vote. A year ago the pound could buy $1.50, but today that's dropped to about $1.35.

Apple today also revised pricing and its lineup of iPad storage options across the globe. There are now no 16GB iPads available, with 32GB as the entry point across its entire range. However, while Apple doubled the storage capacity for its iPads at no extra cost in the US, the company has actually raised entry level prices in the UK.

The 9.7 inch iPad Pro now £549, up 10 percent on its launch price of £499, while the 12.9 inch iPad Pro now costs £729, up from £679. Likewise, the price of Apple Pencil has risen from £79 to £99.

One item Apple has actually cut prices in the UK is the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple has wiped out the 16GB and 64GB options for the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S. Its new lineup now includes a new 32GB option and the original 128GB configuration.

This is one area where it appears to have actually dropped prices in the UK. The 32GB and 128GB iPhone 6s is now available for £499 and £599, respectively though 32GB option is currently unavailable. The 32GB and 128GB iPhone 6S Plus costs £599 and £699, respectively, but again the 32GB model isn't available yet.

When it launched the 128GB iPhone 6s cost £699, while the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus cost £789.

ZDNet has asked Apple for comment on the price changes.

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