Apple in talks with Sharp to make OLED displays for future iPhones: Report

Apple is reportedly looking for multiple partners to reduce supply constraints.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
Matthew Miller / ZDNet

Apple is in talks with Foxconn-owned Sharp to supply OLED displays for Apple's future iPhone lineup, according to Bloomberg. Apple is said to be looking to partner with several suppliers for supply chain reliability.

The deal is said to depend on Sharp's ability to produce the displays, and it's not clear what other specifics are being hashed out in negotiations.

On Friday, Sharp announced an investment of 57.4 billion yen ($566 million) for OLED production facilities to start output by June 2018. Foxconn, a major smartphone manufacturer for Apple and others, took over Sharp in a deal last month.

Apple has been previously rumored to launch an OLED display for the 2017 version of the iPhone, producing sharper colors and a more flexible display than Apple's current offerings.

Apple is currently using an OLED display for its iWatch line, and competitor Samsung has the display tech in its Galaxy lineup.

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