Apple iPad: To pre-order or not to pre-order?

Pre-orders for the Apple iPad start tomorrow and there are still quite a few of us trying to figure out if we are going to buy one or not. It would be an easier decision if the device was revolutionary and it was filling an actual void in our lives, but it is more of a luxury item that is quite expensive.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

You are now able to pre-order the Apple iPad WiFi model from the Apple store for arrival on 3 April. I have been going back and forth on a purchase decision and am still not ready to pull the trigger on such an expensive device that I really have no need for in my life. If I was to buy one I would go for the 32GB (16GB doesn't give you enough room for media content) WiFi only model (I have multiple ways of tethering it via mobile WiFi hotspots) that would cost me $599 plus $60 in sales tax. Thus, $660 is not a spur of the moment purchase and thought has to go into such a purchase. Each one of us has different desires and needs so I can't tell you if the iPad is for you or not, but wanted to list out my own reasons for and against an iPad purchase and solicit your thoughts on the subject that may help me with my decision.

You may think my reasons for and against an iPad are ridiculous and I am sure you will not agree with all of them, but that is what makes purchasing mobile technology so personal and I do appreciate your thoughts on why or why not the iPad is good for you too.

Why I should buy an iPad

  • My birthday is on the 13th so it could serve as part of my birthday present
  • I have purchased many iPhone apps and could use them on a larger display device
  • I won't be buying a new iPhone on AT&T this year no matter how cool it is
  • The iPad would be paid for by ZDNet blog posts I make about the iPad (yes, we do get paid to blog here on ZDNet like everyone else who has a job)
  • I could do some serious Bible study on the iPad
  • Could be a great device for my daily Sounder train commute
  • Apple makes some sick hardware

Why I shouldn't buy an iPad

  • My MacBook Pro, old MSI Wind, and plethora of smartphones provide mobile surfing, email, and content creation needs
  • There is no multi-tasking at this time
  • We don't know if Apple will lock out other ebook partners or not
  • Apple controls the iPad and there is a sense of being locked down with it
  • It is expensive
  • It is too big to walk around with at the mall, around town, and other places outside the house or office
  • My B&N nook is a very good ebook device that doesn't impact my eyes at all and is much lighter and more portable than the iPad

Like I said, some of my reasons for and against buying one may seem frivolous, but these are the things I am personally thinking of as I consider a purchase for ME. I will continue to try to figure out what I will be doing, but in the end I may just buy one because I write about mobile technology and enjoy being an early adopter. A purchase decision would be easier if I had a chance to use one for a bit, but Apple rarely sends out any hardware to reviewers so there is no chance of that happening before launch date.

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