Apple iPad UK success hinges on price tag

A poll has revealed that most consumers would be prepared to pay up to £399 for the device
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

While UK consumers are already interested in Apple's soon-to-be-launched touchscreen tablet, the iPad's success in the UK will hinge on its pricing.

In a exclusive poll of more than 300 readers of ZDNet UK's sister sites silicon.com and CNET UK, 15 percent said they intend to buy an iPad, 49 percent said they would not be buying one, while 36 percent said 'maybe'.

While Apple has yet to release UK pricing for the iPad, the survey revealed how much UK consumers are willing to pay to get their hands on the device. Of the 170 respondents who answered the question: 'How much would you be prepared to pay for an iPad?', the greatest proportion — 36 percent — said between £300 and £399.

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