Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders sold out, currently at 1-2 week shipping

I knew the iPhone 4S would be popular even given that the tech crowd did not seem that excited. I was surprised though that the first batch of pre-orders already sold out.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Like millions of other folks I pre-ordered my iPhone 4S early Friday morning. And also just like we saw in the past the pre-orders apparently sold out (all carriers, colors, and capacities at the Apple Store online) and the shipping estimate has now been extended to 1-2 weeks. You may still find some available for the 14 October date via carrier websites so check there if you still want to pre-order. Like the iPad previously, it took 4 months to get back in stock, we will likely see this next move to 3-4 weeks and later, which pretty much guarantees we are going to see lines outside Apple stores, wireless carrier stores, and places like Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, and Best Buy next Friday when the iPhone 4S appears in retail locations.


There are a few key decisions one has to make when purchasing an iPhone 4S and I ended up going with the Verizon white 32GB model. I like my white iPad 2 and since I have so many black phones I wanted something that stood out a bit from the rest. I thought of the 16GB model with the iCloud support, but then thought I would be taking many more photos and videos with the new camera so went with the 32GB model. I am very curious what readers are buying so take a second to vote in my poll below. I am not including the carrier options in this poll or it would be way too big and since carrier choice is primarily driven by what carrier works best in your geographic area I just want to see what you chose between white, black, and capacities.

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