Apple is still shipping Macs with Mountain Lion, not Mavericks

Not all Macs sold and shipped by Apple are being shipped with Mavericks. Even when the order page says they are. We know because we got one.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

This is a little thing, but it was odd enough that I thought some of you might want to know.

Not Mavericks
What's wrong with this picture? These are not the bits you're looking for.

As I mentioned yesterday, I ordered a brand-new, highly maxed out iMac directly from Apple. I waited until after the October 22 Apple event because I wanted to base my decision on the iMac vs. the Mac Pro on as much information as possible.

I placed my order on Monday 10/28 and it arrived today. I fully expected it to be running Mavericks because the iMac I ordered was not a common build and because Apple was all about Mavericks and its immediate availability.

Imagine my surprise when I booted up the brand new iMac and it was running 10.8.4. Not even 10.8.5, which released more than a month ago. 10.8.4.

I ran an update, which got it to 10.8.5 and made a nice restore image of the Mountain Lion installation.

I'm still waiting for Mavericks to download from the Mac App Store.

So there you go. If you order a brand-new Mac, it might not be running the latest version of Mac OS X. I was particularly surprised, because when I ordered the machine from the Apple Store, the spec information called out Mavericks as included. Thankfully, the rest of the order is correct.

Apple's attention to detail is supposed to be legendary. Maybe not so much anymore.

Stay tuned. More to report soon from my project attempting to push the limits on an iMac. 

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