Apple issues iPhone 3G software update

But exactly which bugs is it fixing?
Written by Natasha Lomas, Contributor

But exactly which bugs is it fixing?

Apple has released an update for the firmware for its iPhone 3G but, in typical fashion, has refused to give details of 'OS 2.0.2' - beyond saying it incorporates "bug fixes".

However there's no shortage of blogs and press reports speculating the update is aimed at fixing problems with unreliable web reception and dropped calls on the iPhone 3G - also unconfirmed by Apple but widely reported in the blogosphere.

Last week BusinessWeek said industry sources had confirmed the problems are down to a chip inside the device, following a report by analyst Richard Windsor of Nomura Securities who earlier that week named a comms chip made by Infineon Technologies as the root cause of the issues - specifically software on the chip playing up when the iPhone needs to switch from faster to slower wireless networks.

A spokeswoman for Apple confirmed there has been an iPhone 3G OS update but could not give details of the bugs it fixes.

As with previous Apple firmware updates, OS 2.0.2 will be pushed out to iPhone owners via iTunes when they sync their devices.

In related news, Apple has made changes to its recently launched web services suite MobileMe, which has also encountered problems. The Mac maker has extended users' accounts by 60 days for free, on top of a free extension of 30 days it gave back in July.

MobileMe offers cloud-based storage which enables subscribers to synchronise email, calendars, contacts and more between Macs, the iPhone and iPod Touch - but users have reportedly had trouble accessing the site, accessing calendar and contact info, and have even lost email.

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