Apple Music finally adds personalized recommendations, while Spotify expands AI DJ

Regardless of what music streaming app you use, more custom listening experiences are coming your way.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Spotify and Apple Music apps on a phone
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The Apple Music and Spotify rivalry is a tale as old as time. Both music streaming services continuously add new features to optimize users' listening experiences and hopefully get some people to convert from one platform to the other. Recently, both platforms did it again. 

Apple just added its first personalized new music discovery playlist for users. Although this is a feature that Spotify users have been able to take advantage of for years, Apple Music users, like myself, have been eagerly anticipating this feature, and it's finally here. 

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As first spotted by Apple Insider, the Discovery station will live next to the "(Your name) Station" in the "Listen Now" tab of the app.

Discovery and Custom music playlists
Wesley Hilliard/Apple Insider

The difference between this station and the "(Your name) Station" is that it will use your listening patterns to algorithmically compile new music on a playlist that aligns with your music taste instead of creating a playlist with just music in your library. 

The station is available only to select users, and Apple has yet to announce the feature or share details. However, MacRumors found a direct link that you can click on to access the feature and your Discovery Station. 

While Apple plays catch-up, Spotify expands access to its AI-powered DJ custom music feature. Spotify's AI DJ creates custom music selections accompanied by the commentary of a realistic voice that provides insightful facts about what you are listening to. 

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The feature was initially available in beta just in North America. However, Spotify is now expanding the feature to over 50 markets around the world, including select markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Since the feature is still in beta, only Spotify Premium users can access it in their Spotify mobile app on iOS and Android. The feature lives in the "Music feed" tab on Spotify's home, where users can click "DJ" to access the feature. 

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