Apple overtakes Dell, HP as student laptop choice

Apple has replaced other major laptop manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Toshiba and Sony as the top consumer choice for students.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

CNN reports via a student-focused research firm called Student Monitor, that Apple has replaced other major laptop manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Toshiba and Sony as the top consumer choice for students.

The research pointed out some stark facts which, not only sound unbelievable on the face of it but really highlight the Mac vs. PC, as well as the Mac vs. Windows divide. Only last week Microsoft's shares dipped of which now the wedge between the consumer choices grows wider.

This simple enough pie chart is causing the stir. Reproduced but showing the exact figures reported by the research firm, Apple takes first place, Dell in second, HP third and Sony - a major notebook and laptop manufacturer in a measly fifth place with as many percentage points.


Interestingly though, students using the Mac operating system one can assume according to these figures - is still lagging behind Windows users with the vast majority of the aforementioned manufacturers offering Microsoft's operating system in their OEM bundle.

While Apple may be on top in terms of laptop consumer choice for students, Mac OS X is not.

Yahoo! Finance reported analyst Trip Chowdhry's comments which couldn't come sooner since the student-focused Kin mobile devices - doomed from the beginning, only last month were withdrawn from sales.

"Our research is indicating that Microsoft is unable to connect with the new generation of users. This could cause problems down the road when these students enter the work force and once again pick Macs over Windows."

According to this research, over the last six years, Dell laptops have been losing popularity with university students while HP laptops are low but consistent with the exception of a sharp rise in 2009. Apple's MacBook range have increased exponentially and rocketed in 2008, with the Apple brand being continued by the launch of the iPhone and further Mac line-up upgrades.


The CNN report also pointed out some interesting statistics. Breaking it down further:

  • More students use a laptop (83%) than a desktop (24%).
  • 27% of the laptop users owned a Mac.
  • 14% of the desktop owners used an iMac product, with 45% of those owning a Dell or HP desktop machine.

Even I've been tempted by Apple's MacBook range, and that's saying something.

One personal belief as to why Apple is becoming more popular with students is the multimedia, video and picture benefits many tech-studying students take advantage of. The academic discount offered by Apple also slashes a great chunk of the cost off the final price making a sturdy, reliable and stylish laptop only a little more expensive than a medium range non-Apple laptop.

Any theories as to why Apple is becoming more popular across the student market?

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