Apple Pay is coming to ATMs at Wells Fargo and Bank of America: Report

Apple Pay will earn an ATM spot.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Apple Pay is coming to ATMs at Wells Fargo and Bank of America, according to TechCrunch. The move would put Apple Pay alongside Android Pay at Wells Fargo, as the two fight for dominance in the mobile payments space.

"We've been working on the technology that allows us to hook to digital wallets, leveraging NFC on mobile phones to replace the card at the transaction at the ATM. Right now the wallet that we support is Android Pay," Jonathan Velline, head of ATMs at Wells Fargo, said.

Velline continued:

But we're also looking at lots of different mobile wallets and evaluating which ones are going to be appropriate for our customers. We'll likely add more mobile wallets throughout the year. We recognize our customers are going to have lots of different types of wallets based on their device, based on their bank, based on their OS, and we're going to continue to find the right balance of which wallets we're going to support.

When asked if Apple Pay was the answer, he said: "I think that's a good assessment."

It wasn't detailed how Apple Pay at ATMs would work. However it's probably safe to assume it would allow people to withdraw money without needing their debit or credit card. Imagine forgetting or losing your wallet -- you could just whip out your phone. It would also be better to protect against fraud, as selected ATMs are rigged to capture your card information.

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