Apple products cost more with student discount?

Even when accessing the Apple Store for Education via a legitimate 15% student discount page, it still adds on one whole penny to my order. Unfair, much?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Before you crazy Apple fans start firing up the angry email template, read on. It's clearly a hiccup in the matrix, but it's rather funny nonetheless.

Students who are given discounts for being at university may not always be getting the very best out of it, with some student discounts actually adding on the price of goods.

In one case, by having an NUS Extra card which gives you 15% off at the Apple Store for Education, going through the process to buy a new iPhone adds on one single penny to the normal cost of the device. By checking this in two separate browsers at the same time (because the Apple Store doesn't like concurrency) you can see the difference.

I'm sure this is only a small mistake on the part of Apple, and it is quite funny to be honest. And granted, it may be a penny, but every penny counts when you're at college.

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