Apple said to be filming six-episode TV series with Dr. Dre

Apple's next move is a television series staring rapper Dr. Dre that features an orgy scene.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Apple is bank rolling a television series called "Vital Signs" that stars rapper and Apple executive Dr. Dre, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The top-secret production will run six episodes and is being bank rolled by the technology giant, the report says. Obviously, it's likely Apple will use its iTunes Store to stream the show. It's not clear when it will be released.

This marks a new move for Apple, who has not produced its own content in series form. In the past, it has had experience in streaming live music concerts.

It makes sense for Apple to get in this space. Netflix and Amazon have had success making their own content, helping garner new subscribers. Notably, Netflix's series House of Cards won an Emmy in 2013.

"Vital Signs" is said to be a dark semi-autobiographical drama of Dr. Dre's life, that surprisingly, features at least one orgy scene.

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