Apple tablet: delayed until June?

It's not even out yet and it's already delayed. Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu told clients that the Apple tablet is delayed until June.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor


If you've been following the Apple tablet rumors coming out of Cupertino, you'll undoubtedly want to grok this: the tablet is delayed until June.

Neil Hughes at AppleInsider reports that Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu recently told clients that his supply chain sources say that the Apple tablet launch (presumably meaning the shipping date) could be moved to June 2010 due to "minor issues" with "more work needed on battery life and durability."

Wu's claims contradict The Wall Street Journal, which previously reported that the tablet is expected to ship in March.

What ever will we do if we have to wait six months?

Image: Ubergizmo

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