Apple Tablet: Live analysis of Apple's "Come See Our Latest Creation" event

Live coverage of Apple's "Come See Our Latest Creation" event on January 27th 10.00 AM at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Apple is going to hold its “Come See Our Latest Creation” event on January 27th 10.00 AM at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco. The Apple event is invitation but rather than travel there I'm going to be in my bunker, watch the live feed and keeping an eye on dozens of sources (including a selection of pundits doing "liveblogs" as well Twitter) to bring you live analysis of what's coming out of the event as it happens.

Live analysis:

10:05: Cover It Live seems to have gone down ... going back to the backup mechanism ...

10:07: History lesson ... yawn

10:08: "better than a laptop, better than a smartphone! ... Hmmmm ....

10:10 "Problem is, netbook's aren't better at anything" ... hmmm, telling us how to feel

10:10: It's called an iPad folks. Basically a big iPhone/iPod touch

10:12: On-screen keyboard, see a whole web page ... no stylus

10:13: "it's a dream to type on" ... more telling us how to feel

10:15: Jobs now demonstrating the iPad ... sitting on a couch ... YouTube with HD ... seems cool

10:18: Seems to me like pretty much what we've seen before .. a big HD iPod touch

10:19: AAPL stock down 2.3%

10:20: Navigating albums ... hmmm ... where's the beef?

10:21: No Flash support ...

10:22: Built-in iPod ... again, nothing new

10:23: Movies, TV shows, podcast - UI seems familiar but different ...

10:23; How's anyone going to carry this thing about? OK in-home, outdoors, hmmm

10:23: Calendar looks like a normal planner, neat but retro

10:28: Movies look good on it, screen an odd wide-screen

10:29: 9.7in IPS display, multi-touch (same size as Kindle DX), 0.5in thin, 1.5lb

10:30: 1GHz Apple A4 chip, 16 - 64GB flash storage

10:31: 10 hour battery life, over a month of standby

10:32: Should run all existing apps "out of the box" ... internal pixel doubling

10:42: Gaming ... but just iPhone/iPod touch gaming ...

10:43: NYT on the iPad ... this is what it's really about

10:45: AAPL shares still down -1.31%

10:45: Cool brushes app for drawing ... but how much would you pay for that???

10:45: EA on stage ... Need for Speed Shift ... looks really cool

10:48: Lots more questions - price, 3G connectivity, availability

10:52: Comparing it to the Kindle. Jobs: "Going to stand on Amazon's shoulders." New app called iBook

10:53: Created a new iBook Store on iTunes

10:55: Harper Collins, Penguin, Simon & Schuster plus more

10:56: Ted Kennedy's memoirs ... $14.99 .. downloads direct to iPad

10:59: iWorks for the iPad

11:01: iWorks for the iPad is going to put pressure on Microsoft to raise its game on mobile apps ... seriously

11:03: Price! Price! Price! Price! It's all building up to price ...

11:06: Emphasis on iWorks for iPad shows that Apple isn't about hardware and software, but products

11:08: This revamped iWork relies on the keyboard being "really" usable - that's a real unknown. Fanboys will say it's great, but every large keyboard without tactile feedback before has been a nightmare to use. Will this be different????

11:11: $9.99 for each iWork app

11:12: Jobs back on stage

11:13: OK, so it has USB syncing ... yawn

11:13: Wireless networking ... 3G

11:14: 250MB data per month -$14.99, unlimited $29.99

11:15: 3G provided by AT&T (audible "boooo" there) ... ugh ... do get free access to AT&T WiFi hotspots ... no contract, cancel any time

11:17: iPad 3G models are unlocked and use new GSM micro SIM cards

11:18: Price: $499 (I overshot with $599)

11:20: OK, but there's a catch - $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB ... 3G costs an extra $130 extra

11:21: Available in 60 days worldwide

11:22: There's a dock with a full-size keyboard ... OK, that's a solid selling point

11:23: Did the promo piece just say "change the way we think and do everything" ... didn't the Simpsons use that line in the "Mapple" episode

11:23: In Twitter-land people seem quite pleased with the price

11:25: AAPL shares up 1%, AMZN just fallen into negative territory ...

11:32: 125 million people have iTunes accunts with credit cards stored, 12 billion products sold ... Cha-ching!

11:34: And it's over!

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