Apple to launch a new Mac-only show next year

Apple UK issued a statement this morning confirming that it has pulled out of Apple Expo '98 and that it intends to "establish a new annual exhibition" designed to "meet the needs of the Macintosh community".
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

UK managing director John Molyneux criticises Apple Expo for not being able to offer the Apple community the opportunity to "talk to Apple and other key players". He adds: "As the current major exhibition on offer no longer seems able to provide [a sense of community and closeness with Apple customers], we are planning a new event that will do justice to our vibrant market."

Molyneux promises a new show for the Mac community sometime in 1999.

Earlier this year, Apple Expo's organiser EMAP Trenton expressed its intention to replace the event with a cross-platform show because attendance was down. According to today's release, Apple opposed the move and, according to sources, is now confident that with strong iMac sales it doesn't need to share the spotlight with other platform vendors.

Kevin Murphey, managing director, Emap Trenton says Apple Expo '98 will go ahead together with the Total Design Technology exhibition. "Emap and Apple Computer have been in constant communication about the progress of the exhibition," says Murphey. "We are dumbfounded that Apple has not only retracted its support for the event at this stage but has also announced the launch of its own event."

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