Apple turns away iPad buyer; points to No Cash policy [POLL]

Your cash is no good inside an Apple store - if you're planning to buy a new iPad or iPhone. The company's policy requires a credit or debit card to purchase these items.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

With the credits markets still rocky and the public still carrying a sour taste for big banks, you might think that cash would be king again. But there are some places where your hard cold cash is no good. For example, if you're thinking about walking into an Apple store and dropping some Benjamins for a new iPad or iPhone, think again. For those two items, it's credit or debit only.


Apple's not saying - not in the company's pricing policy and not to an "On Your Side" crew of a San Francisco news station that was asking on behalf of a local resident. KGO's Michael Finney told viewers yesterday about a computer-less woman named Diane Campbell who decided that an iPad would meet her needs and spent months saving - $1 here, $5 there - until she had $600, enough to buy the $499 iPad.

But when she walked up to the counter at the Palo Alto retail store and pulled out a wad of bills to pay for her new iPad, she was turned away.

An employee reportedly told her that the reason Apple only takes plastic and puts a 2-per-customer on iPads limit was to "prevent con artists from buying lots of iPads selling them overseas" for an inflated price, according to the report. But Apple would not confirm that explanation, Finney reported. Instead, it simply pointed to its pricing policy.

Instead of me chiming in about this, I'd like to hear what you have to say about this no-cash policy for iPads. Cast your vote or sound off in the talkbacks - or both.

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