Apple warns: Only clean $6,000 Pro Display XDR nano glass with our special cloth

The new nano-texture Apple Pro Display XDR needs special care when cleaning, says Apple.
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If you're going to blow $6,000 on an Apple Pro Display XDR 6K display with the nano-texture finish, then you'll probably want to know about its unusually strict cleaning instructions to avoid damaging the display. 

Apple yesterday published a new support note with cleaning instructions for the displays of both the nano-texture finish and the $5,000 standard finish. 

The nano-texture is the more sensitive of the two and should only be cleared with the dry polishing cloth that comes with the display to wipe of dust or smudges. 

"Don't add water or use other liquids to clean the nano-texture glass" and "never use any other cloths to clean the nano-texture glass", warns Apple.

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If the special dry polishing cloth is lost, users will need to order a replacement one from Apple. But Apple hasn't said how much those cloths will cost. 

The standard glass version of the Pro Display XDR can be cleaned with the Apple-supplied polishing cloth or any other clean, dry, micro-fiber cloth to wipe dust or smudges. It added that for additional cleaning, users should first disconnect the display from the power, add a small amount of water to the cloth and wipe the screen. 

Apple warns against cleaning the screen of the display with cleaners that contain acetone. 

Apple revealed the Pro Display XDR alongside the new Mac Pro workstation earlier this year at WWDC. The display and workstation became available for purchase this week, so customers are finding out some extra details now. 

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For example, the Mac Pro can be configured with wheels instead of feet so users can roll their machines from place to place. But the four wheels cost an extra $400. 

The basic configuration for the Mac Pro tower costs $6,000, but if you're power hungry and want the top memory, storage, and processors, the Mac Pro costs over $52,000

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