Appointment app offers two-way synch with Google calendar

Full Slate is an online appointment book that allows small businesses to manage and book schedules from a central location, while keeping them synchronized across multiple devices.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Here's an interesting productivity application for small businesses that are seeking to more effectively manage appointments for members of their team: developer Full Slate has introduced a new feature for its appointment software that support two-way synchronization with Google calendar.

The benefit? Simply put, if your receptionist or office manager books an appointment for you or a member of your team back in the office, that appointment will now automatically be added to your Google calendar. That will help ensure that all the different views of your daily obligations are kept in synch with each other. On the flip side, Full Slate will see when your calendar is already booked and prevent someone from booking an appointment when someone isn't actually available.

There are definitely other applications that allow for this sort of insight, but most of those applications allow only one-way synchronization via an RSS or subscription feed -- and don't allow edits.

PC Evolution is a computer repair business in Miami that is using the software. Notes John Innocent:

"Full Slate knows the spot is filled and automatically blocks that spot on our online scheduler so it's always up to date. Having Full Slate on our Web site and everything synched to Google lets us multitask and save time."

The functionality comes at a price, one that varies depending on how many people are using the online appointment book and how many appointments are being managed. For a sole proprietor, the fee is $29.95 per month. The ability to coordinate up to five schedules costs $49.95 month; it is $79.95 per month for up to 10 schedules. After 10 schedules, it costs an additional $49.95 per month to add up to 10 more schedules.

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